I half stumbled over the Majikkon event at my local sports centre. I had been drawn to posters peppered around town, but essential information should as time and location had eluded me until I received the message “ you should see the fucking costumes outside the sports centre”. 20 minutes later I was in the foyer testing my internal M6 light meter coupled with new f2 50mm lens. It was gonna be tight. It would work at 1/60th give or take a stop wide open. Sick test for the new Zeiss, 10 bar was exchanged. A red wrist strap. 20 metre walk and my head blew up! I thought I was fairly informed on the subject matter of so-called geeky shit but the deep deeeeeep level that these people took it to was a whole different level. The niche of the niche. Manga characters brought to life, insane lifesize warcraft characters (researched post-event). A trackie bottom sporting outsider in a world of complete outsiders. Eye contact was a no go really, but making photographs was easy, every corner I turned was a treat for the lens. 2 rolls flew by faster than the 2 hours I was there. Roll on next year, maybe I can go as Peter Parker, but I feel that’s way too mainstream for these fuckers.

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